Different Forms

When I get a respiratory cold or flu, my medicine of choice is a multi-symptom medicine. The brand name is Dayquil, but I often get the generic version.

I usually get the pills. They are super-big. I have trouble swallowing them, but it’s nice how portable they are. This time around, I’ve been using some leftover pills I had from before, but I also got a bottle of liquid. It’s so much easier to swallow, and it makes me think the medicine is being absorbed right into my throat.

I’ll keep using the pills for when I go to school, but I like this liquid for home.

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2 Responses to Different Forms

  1. Lauren says:

    Have you thought about dissolving the pills into a drink? You could invent a really terrible-tasting cocktail.

    I pray that you feel much better today. I’m sorry you had to play for church or you could have slept in more. 🙁

  2. Debbie Fettig says:

    Drink lots of water!!!! Flush out the poison!! I’m sorry your not feeling good but at least you can be home. Don’t push yourself…..eat good protein….drink lots of water.

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