New Rug

I go out to my lanai a lot. I water the plants because Kihei is hot and dry. I also just go out to admire them. All that out-and-in means maybe tracking stuff onto the carpet. I needed a rug.

There’s a place in the mall that is kind of a “world market” place that sells baskets, rugs, and blankets for cheap. I decided I’d get something from there. I sifted through a pile of rugs that were called “chenille”, whatever that is. They were soft, so that was good.

I didn’t like the ones that had a southwest pattern to them with the triangles and trapezoids. Simple stripes was kind of boring. I found one with flowers that I liked. It’s a good color too. Bonus: Gus likes to sit on it.

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  1. Lauren says:

    Zionism! (Ha! My iPad autocorrected my ‘Zoinks’. I’m leaving it and I think it may be my new preferred exclamation.) I had a training at work today and left the house early, so I missed this! Rats!

    I love the rug. It looks like one of those one-line tattoos.

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