A Trip with a Purpose

There are a lot of things that Maui doesn’t have, but it does have a Dairy Queen. It’s at a small mall in Lahaina. Yesterday I got a hankering for some Dairy Queen and decided to go there.

There was a hula group dancing in the food court. The girls were wearing coconut bras. I thought that was really strange. No Hawaiian ever in the history of Hawaii wore a coconut bra. It’s some weird tourist thing. From what I’ve been told, hula groups are usually really big on Hawaiian culture, so it was surprising to see a hula group doing something inauthentic.

Anyway, I had a delicious Heath blizzard. I love that they sell “mini” size. It’s perfect. When I get a bigger thing of ice cream, I either feel bad because I’m throwing away food, or because I actually eat it all. This was just right.

I wanted an Orange Julius too, but the ice cream won out.

I wanted an Orange Julius too, but the ice cream won out.

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2 Responses to A Trip with a Purpose

  1. Michele says:

    I only get hankerings for bacon.
    Glad you got your fix!

  2. Lauren says:

    Do you think they sell more coconut-flavored things when they have the dancers?

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