Bedroom Ballroom

The beds I got for my guest room stack, but not like bunk beds. One is tall, and the other rolls underneath like a trundle bed.

I pushed the trundle bed under the other, and now my back room has lots of room. I could host dances in there. I only use the extra room for running Gus around with a laser or feather on a stick.

It does make the room look nice and clean though.

I’m flying to Los Angeles today. Denis got a job there and I thought it would be fun to visit. I haven’t been to L.A. in twenty years.

My flight info:

United #706
Depart Kahului 1:11pm
Arrive Los Angeles 9:34pm

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2 Responses to Bedroom Ballroom

  1. Lauren says:

    Yay for an away trip! Have a splendid time and please tell Denis ‘Hi’ for me!

    (I love your guest room, by the way. Great setup.)

  2. Peggy says:

    Umm…..actually, according to your archives… were in LA in June 2009….9 years ago.

    Have fun!! (but really, who gets 2 weeks off for a fall break?!? Lucky dog!)

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