Stimulating Shopping

Yesterday was a day of shopping. Denis had a few things on his list for his apartment; I just like shopping.

We went to several places, but I will only discuss the highlight of the day:



There is an IKEA in LA! Actually, there are two. Two! We just went through the one. Denis was getting sensible things for his apartment. I was making a bunch of impulse buys. It was so fun! I have been so careful lately with purchases, but yesterday at IKEA, I just had fun.

Mostly useless junk, but so, so fun.

Mostly useless junk, but so, so fun.

In the evening, one of our errands took us close to the area where a Goorin Brothers hat shop was. I’ve gotten a few hats from Goorin, and I’ve loved them. I continue to get emails from them and fantasize about buying more hats. There was one in particular that I saw online and wanted to try on, so we stopped. It was out of stock. Dang. It was still fun to look though.

So many varieties.  Such good quality.

So many varieties. Such good quality.

I fly back to Maui today. I’m not leaving until the afternoon, so I’ll get back at night, but it’s still not an overnight flight. I’m glad for that.

My flight info:
United #1170L
Depart Los Angeles 5:10pm
Arrive Honolulu 7:59pm

United #7850L
Depart Honolulu 9:50pm
Arrive Kahului 10:30pm

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One Response to Stimulating Shopping

  1. Lauren says:

    Best! Day! Ever! You got to go to the happiest place on earth! I am a tad jealous, but don’t begrudge you one little bit. What a way to spend a Saturday. 🙂

    Please take a photo of Denis’s apartment with stuff in it. (That will satisfy me Rich Inner World.)

    Safe travels home. (I’ll keep track from FlightAware.)

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