Spring Cleaning in Autumn

Yesterday was kind of a lazy day, but kind of not. Seeing Denis move into his apartment and put things in their place kind of inspired me.

I completely unpacked my suitcase. It often takes me a week to do that, but I did it the first day! Amazing!

I also did a lot of laundry. My bathroom rugs were looking dirty, so I washed them. Now they look sparkly and new! I also washed my sheets and all the laundry in the basket. My apartment is looking sort of neat and clean! Nice!

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One Response to Spring Cleaning in Autumn

  1. Lauren says:

    You are very inspiring yourself. Maybe I should go visit Denis……

    I crack up at that bathroom arrangement. It looks like a spot to sit and have a nice, er, awkward visit. 😀 It could be a real boon for potty training. “Let’s sit together for a while and see how it goes!”

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