Not Learning

It’s hard to post about things when all you do is lay around and watch TV and read. I really need school to start again. This second week off is not agreeing with me.

Actually, I had planned to go in to school yesterday, but I woke up late, and then I puttered around the house, and then I called my mom, and suddenly it was 1:30. I was talking with her when I realized what time it was. I would have said it was 10am if anyone had asked. Sheesh!

Anyway, I have no pictures of my stupid wasted day, so instead, here’s a picture of Bob Ross. It’s an inspiring message, but perhaps in this context, a little convicting. I’ve had many times to learn this lesson.

I’ll try harder, Bob Ross. Thanks for not judging me.

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One Response to Not Learning

  1. Lauren says:

    In my opinion, you spent your day just fine. You are busy when you need to be, and this was a vacation day, yes?

    Bob Ross came up in conversation last night. He was in the military and had to yell at people and he hated it, so he decided that when he got out he would never raise his voice at anyone again. Look at that guy, making beautiful landscapes and teaching life lessons.

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