There is a miniature golf course not far from me. I drive past it frequently, but have never stopped there. Yesterday, I finally did.

It was really quite pleasant. The day was breezy and cool, the course was nicely landscaped, and there were 36 holes for one price. As a bonus, it was not crowded at all. There were a just a few families who made pleasant chit-chat. So nice!

The volcano dominated the golf course.

The volcano dominated the golf course.

There was water running through the whole place. I think it must’ve gotten full of algae at one point or something. They really wanted to keep the water chlorinated. The streams had white tablets in them, presumably to release chlorine. I don’t know if they were actual toilet tablets, but they sure looked like them.

There were no fish in the water.

There were no fish in the water.

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2 Responses to Putt-Putt

  1. Lauren says:

    As a connoisseur of toilet tabs, let me tell you that yes, those are toilet tabs.

    How fun that you played mini-golf! It’s especially funny that they have a volcano on the course. The equivalent of that here would be a silo or some corn. That is hilarious.

  2. Carol says:

    When I read “There was water running through the whole place”, I thought, “Of course they can give you 36 holes for one price – you’ll likely need to quit early to use a restroom anyway!” At least that’s how it may have impacted someone like me, who now finds it a challenge to get through an entire tub of dinner dishes without a break to powder her proverbial nose. (Ah, the joys of aging…)

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