Muffin Bread

When I shop for groceries, I always get bread for my school lunches. On my most recent visit, there was new bread by the sandwich loaves. It was cooked in the grocery store bakery. I got some sandwich bread of course, but I was also excited to see that they had something called “English Muffin Bread”.

When I’m at Lloyd and Lauren’s house, they sometimes have some bread that gets super crunchy and chewy when you toast it. It was amazing. It was Thomas brand, which is a maker of English muffins. Would this English muffin bread at my grocery store be good for toasting?

Yes! Yes, it is. It’s not the same as what Lloyd and Lauren served, but it was still crunchy and delicious. Yum!

I think I will be having a lot of toast this week.

I think I will be having a lot of toast this week.

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  1. Lauren says:

    Mmmmmm….. it holds so much butter……..

    I am out, so I’ll be right over for a slice! 🙂

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