Substitute Setup

Happy Halloween! Or should I say Happy Reformation Day!

My friend Kaala usually sets up the praise band sound equipment for chapel. He usually does it on Tuesday nights, but he couldn’t do it yesterday, so my co-worker Josh and I tried to do it.

There are a LOT of cables. Josh had set up once before, so he sort of had a plan. Our arrangement is nowhere near as neat as Kaala’s, but we got everything up and working. Yay, us! Hopefully it will all work tomorrow.

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  1. Lauren says:

    Our websites were down this morning, so I couldn’t reply.

    That setup looks more than adequate. Good job, you two!

    I have a set of speakers that I’ve been putting on the playground for Dance Fridays, and when I roll up the extension cord I follow the ‘overworked and underpaid’ method. I’m ready for my career as a roadie!

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