I have been eating a lot of processed food at home lately, so yesterday when I was out on an errand, I decided to stop at a salad place. It’s kind of like Subway – you choose the ingredients for your salad.

I got tomatoes, bacon, and blue cheese, because… yum! But I decided I’d add bean sprouts. Mmm… Crunchy and fresh… But when I looked, they only had sunflower sprouts. Sunflower? I’d never heard of that. But I thought maybe sprouts were sprouts.

They weren’t. Sunflower sprouts have a spice flavor. Sort of pine-like. I think people who like gin might like sunflower sprouts, but I don’t. I picked them all off. The remaining salad was good though.

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  1. Lauren says:

    How odd that a weird flavor like that comes from sunflower seeds. That is unexpected. Your salad looks good regardless.

    A while back, I was making sprouts to eat from…. mung beans? That is all I can remember about the process. Right now I couldn’t even tell you what a mung bean is. I am a fan of sprouting seeds – we do it every time we talk about plants. I have the children marvel at the miracle of life that grows from lowly beans and corn…. and then I let those baby plants die. I’m a horrible person.

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