Taking it Out

At my house in Baltimore, the trash was picked up once a week. If I took trash to the outside trash can, it had to fit, and it had to not have anything that could rot in it, or else it would stink. It seemed so complicated, I always dreaded and delayed taking the trash out.

Here, there is a dumpster just outside my apartment. It is soooo easy to take trash to it. But for some reason, it’s still a big deal to take the trash out of the trash can and put a new bag in. I let the can get stuffed full before I take it out. Why is it so hard?

I can see it from my lanai, for goodness sakes!

I can see it from my lanai, for goodness sakes!

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2 Responses to Taking it Out

  1. Lauren says:

    Two words. No, wait – three:

    Trash zip line

    All your troubles will be gone!

    • Carol says:

      Brilliant idea – but he’ll have to also rig a lid-lifter/dropper to be able to actually dump the bag in. Put your students on this one – I see a potential STEM lesson!

      [At the Frey home in currently-sleeting Rosedale, Tuesday evenings we gather the refuse from throughout the domicile, fill the kitchen bag, lift it up, and viola – right beneath the current bag is a stack of unused bags to lift and put into place right then and there for the next wrapper, used tissue, or whatever. Easy peasy squeezy cheesy! It’s still no fun actually putting the filled bag in the outdoor can, opening the old front gate, rolling it to the non-existent curb and hoping it all won’t topple over into the street from your not-very-flat front lawn, but the indoor bag changing is a non-event. Best wishes on your future bag adventures.]

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