The Lights of Christmas

The other day, Peggy texted me some Christmas pictures. Here is one of the sparkly ones:

I haven’t visited any Christmas Wonderlands here. I’ve only seen a few Christmas decorations at the malls. I’ve been told that that the resort hotels decorate for Christmas. Maybe I should visit them.

Of course, I do have my Christmas lights up at home, but they don’t look very traditionally Christmasy with a tropical sunset and palm tree in the background:

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5 Responses to The Lights of Christmas

  1. Lauren says:

    I don’t know. That could be the cover of a Jimmy Buffet Christmas album…..

    Sleight bells ring, let’s go surfin’
    See a shaaaark wave with her fin.
    A tropical night, we’re feelin’ alright,
    Livin’ in an island wonderland….

    • Peggy says:

      Love it Lauren! Please add another stanza & then have you and Lloyd sing it. I’ll be waiting for that.

      And Hehe……when I brought up this site, I was taken aback for a second. My picture is wintery……yours is breathtaking!

      • Lauren says:

        Gone away, is the gecko,
        No he’s back. What the hecko?
        Those dang centipedes, my scissors I needs.
        Living in an island wonderland.

        On the Road to Hana we’ll be drivin’,
        Hours and hours and hours and hours.
        Then back to the beach where we’ll go divin’,
        Then hikin’ through the jungle with the flower.

        Later on, we’ll go sailin’,
        Leaky boat, we’ll be bailin’.
        We’ll sink a bit more, then we’ll swim to shore,
        Livin’ in an island wonderland.

        • Peggy says:

          Hecko……Hahaha!! Love it!! Just brilliant!!

          Now, just one more request….you & Lloyd singing it ….like when when you did the one like Baby It’s Cold Outside

  2. ANN Bergman says:

    The hotels in Kihei do a fantastic job decorating their lobbies and grounds for the holidays. We went several years as a staff to walk through them as part of our Christmas parties. Well worth it. Almost made it feel like Christmas for those of us really missing the snow.

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