Staying Power

It’s been almost a month, and my poinsettia is still looking pretty good. It’s lost almost all of its leaves, and the petals aren’t as plentiful as they were, but it’s still pretty.

Too bad I can’t buy poinsettias year-round. I’d keep one on my counter top all the time. I guess I’ll just have to find some other throw-away blooming plant varieties that I can use during other seasons of the year. I already know florist’s mums are junk. Maybe I’ll try a Christmas cactus next.

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2 Responses to Staying Power

  1. Lauren says:

    Ahhh…. a Quest! Finding the perfect, flowering indoor Hawaiian plant. You can publish your findings and sell books to newcomers!

  2. Aunt Linda says:

    Just a reminder that poinsettias are poisonous to cats. Love you Brad!

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