Christmas: Day Three

Yesterday I slept in, then hung out with Lloyd for a while. My mom wanted to go to Walmart because she was hosting the family dinner and Christmas celebration in the evening. I went along.

I got a few things from Walmart while I was there. One thing was a box of cereal. I was craving some Lucky Charms. I was astounded at the price.

Gluten free!  (Lucky Charms are made of oats)

Gluten free! (Lucky Charms are made of oats)

$2.98 for a box of cereal? That’s the regular price? I can’t believe how cheap it is! In Hawaii, cereal is $7 or $8, unless it’s on sale. I almost want to pack my suitcase full of food.

The family Christmas time in the evening was fun. My mom’s house was warm and smelled like steak.

Brent grilled them.  They were so tasty!

Brent grilled them. They were so tasty!

The present-opening time was fun, but even without presents it would have been great. I really enjoy just hanging around with these people. We ended the evening watching the end of Wreck-It Ralph, then going out into the rain.

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  1. Lauren says:

    That is a tasty-looking tray of food!

    I have thought about boxing up food and sending it along. How many pieces of luggage are you allowed to take? I have a zippy IKEA bag that could hold a fair amount of cereal……

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