Long Beach Tourist

I told Denis I wanted to do something touristy yesterday in LA. He suggested a trip to Long Beach. It sounded fun.

We first went to visit the Queen Mary ship. It’s an old ocean liner ship that has been retired and is now a tourist attraction. We didn’t go in; we just looked at it from the shore:

Across the bay was downtown Long Beach.

It was only a quick drive across a bridge to get to Long Beach, where we walked around some shops. It was a really nice day – cool and sunny.

We figured we should go to the actual beach, so we went driving in search of a place to park. We found a lot right next to the sand.

Off to the right of that picture is a tiny island. There were three of them just a small distance from the shore. The nearest one had buildings on it that looked kind of like hotels.

I wondered what they were, so I looked them up. It turns out, they aren’t what they seem. They’re oil rigs. They’re disguised to help keep the area beautiful. Interesting!

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2 Responses to Long Beach Tourist

  1. Lauren says:

    Ahhh…. a very fine touristy day, indeed! That oil rig island gives me an idea. I’m going to disguise my trash cans as a hotel, too. I think my neighbors will appreciate the beautification of my back porch.

  2. Kristi says:

    The sky is really a brilliant shade of blue!

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