Got it Covered

Happy Epiphany!

Yesterday was just a day of re-acclimating to Maui. I slept late, then watched the new Mary Poppins movie, then went shopping.

On my list was looking for a new bed covering. I’ve been using a comforter without a cover. It’s worked out really well for me, because it’s not too warm, but it does add some weight on top of me. I like to have covers of some kind when I’m sleeping.

The problem with my comforter is that it’s white. When Gus sleeps on it, it gets visibly dirty. I’ve wanted to find a replacement for a while, but the imminent visit of my cousin and his wife motivated me to finally do it.

I got a quilty blue bedspread. I think it’ll be enough to help me feel covered, but not thick enough that it’ll be hot. I have a week to see what it’s like before Mike and Sandra arrive.

Gus still prefers his fuzzy blanket.

Gus still prefers his fuzzy blanket.

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  1. Lauren says:

    That looks very nice. Dark blue is a good choice – like sleeping under the ocean. Wait. That’s terrifying!

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