Baffling Bugs

I’ve had a few itch bug bites since I got back to Maui. I think it’s happening in my apartment. I think it’s related to Gus’ itchy bump rashes. I would really like to find what’s happening.

I don’t think it’s my sheets, because I just washed them. I thought it might be my couch, but I took it apart and looked very closely. There were some crumbs between the cushions, and a few green bell pepper seeds, but I didn’t see any bugs of any kind.

Maybe the carpet? Maybe just in the air? I’ll keep looking.

I used the flashlight I got for Christmas.

I used the flashlight I got for Christmas.

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  1. Lauren says:

    Yikes. I am very sorry about that – mostly the not knowing. Could it be a flea? I know someone in Hawaii who had a flea issue.

    Nice flashlight, by the way.

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