Pincers of Failure

I cleaned out my truck a little because my cousin and his wife and my mom are coming for a visit, and I wanted to have room in the back of the cab.

One of the things I took out of the truck was a grabby thingy with pincers on it:

It's three feet long.

It’s three feet long.

My idea was that I would walk on the beach after school and pick up any litter I saw there. There’s a strip of beach by my house that has some trees and scrub brush, and litter gets hung up in there. I thought maybe the litter-picking-upping would give me a nice distraction while I’m getting exercise.

I never did it. Maybe some day…

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  1. Lauren says:

    It’s a grand idea! You’ll get to it when it suits you. Until then, now you can bother your cat with it. 🙂

    Not gonna lie. When I saw the title and Gus, I though he got bitten by a centipede or something. I’m so relieved!

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