A Happy Birthday

I had a great birthday yesterday.

In the morning, I came into my classroom to discover chocolate covered strawberries on my desk. A birthday elf named Diane left them for me 🙂

They were delicious!

They were delicious!

During the day, kids kept saying Happy Birthday to me. I loved it! I brought some donuts, and one of the kids brought cupcakes. We ate so much junk. Mmm…

After school, my coworkers joined me for happy hour. It was a blast.

I got happy texts and calls all day long.

I finished the day with a cat in my lap and an early bedtime. So nice.

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2 Responses to A Happy Birthday

  1. Lauren says:

    Ahhhh…. the perfect birthday in paradise…….

    Is that Jesus or a country singer looking at you over the couch?

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