Toppled Tree

We had some violent weather yesterday. It was crazy windy, and it was raining a lot – even in Kihei, which is usually a desert.

As I was working in my classroom, I heard Diane talking on the phone outside my door. I went outside to see if she needed anything, and she pointed to the street.

A big tree just next to our property had blown over. It got pulled up by its roots. Diane was calling the county to let them know it was blocking the street. Fortunately, it didn’t hit any cars or buildings. My truck was far away from my room because there were so many people at early service for Preschool Sunday.

The county came pretty quickly. They cut the tree up and dragged it off the road.

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  1. Lauren says:

    Well, that was lucky that your truck wasn’t right under it. I heard that you were supposed to get some crazy weather – it was possibly going to snow on one of your mountains? Did that happen?

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