Necessarily New

I’m going to outdoor ed with the fifth graders today. We are going to a YMCA camp that’s halfway to Hana. It’s gorgeous there.

There are a bunch of different fun activities for the kids. One of the activities is decorating tshirts. I was in charge of checking the old tshirt paint and getting new ones as needed. I absent-mindedly left the bag of last year’s paints on a bench by the office, and they disappeared. Dang.

So yesterday after school, I stopped by the craft store to buy all new. I spent a lot of money. On the plus side of things, I spent so much money that buying a discount membership card ended up being an economical move, so now I can get 10% off all my purchases at the craft store. Yay!

I wanted to be sure not to run out.

I wanted to be sure not to run out.

There is a weak signal at the camp, so I probably won’t be able to upload any pictures to posts while I’m there. I will try to at least give some short reports.

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  1. Lauren says:

    I hope you are able to turn in that receipt. I am all for supplementing the school budget, but knowing Maui’s pricing system, that’s probably a thousand dollars worth of paint, isn’t it?

    Have fun!

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