Relaxing at Work

I worked at school yesterday. I spent most of the day there, because I wasted a lot of time just sitting there. That’s kind of what I do on Sundays. Did I say this already? I’ve been feeling like I’m telling people the same stories a lot lately.

Anyway, I used to be sad about spending so much time at school, but now I just consider the “wasted” time there as part of my relaxation time. Then I’m not sad, I’m just relaxed. I usually get all the stuff done I need to. Yesterday was no exception.

Now I can enjoy today for the day off it is. Nice!

I watched The Mummy Returns when I got home.

I watched The Mummy Returns when I got home.

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  1. Lauren says:

    I think that is a smart way to have your relaxation time. When you’re ready to get something done, there’s no travel time. Boom! You’re there!

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