Brave Bites

I am normally pretty leery around expired food, but something unusual has happened: I have eggs in my refrigerator with a “sell by” date of January 13, and not only have I not thrown them out, but I have actually eaten some.

It’s so weird! I made scrambled eggs with ham and cheese. My only precaution was to smell the eggs as I cracked them open. I figured that if something smelled strange, I’d get rid of it, but they were fine, so I ate them.

I still have four eggs left.  Will I eat them all?

I still have four eggs left. Will I eat them all?

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2 Responses to Brave Bites

  1. Lauren says:

    Wow! I am impressed! I had some sketchy eggs last weekend, too. When you crack them, if they spread out in a watery way they are old, that these eggs were pretty dang watery. You are smart to smell them.

    I hope this story ends well! 🙂

  2. Kristi says:

    If the eggs float in water, then they’re duds. Don’t eat them. Eat the sinkers.

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