Dinner in a Pinch

We had an open house at school last night. I decided to just stay through after school. The problem was, I hadn’t brought any food. I was pretty hungry after a while. But then I remembered I had this:

I didn't eat it all. It was a lot.

I didn’t eat it all. It was a lot.

One of my students had a birthday on Thursday, and gave me and Josh each one of these cakes. It had cakey parts and creamy parts. It was delicious.

Bonus: after the open house, there was left over food. I had some pizza. It was also delicious.

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  1. Lauren says:

    What? How could you forget you had a bowl of deliciousness? That looks too pretty to eat, and I’m glad it saved you from hangriness. Did it arrive on that golden trivet or is that something you just keep around for your supplicants to place their offerings?

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