A Leafy Surprise

I ordered some begonias a while back that looked beautiful for a while, then completely collapsed. Even though they were dead, I kept watering them, hoping they would come back to life. They never did.

But a little while ago, I saw some green color in the soil of those pots. I looked more closely, and saw it was some sort of moss. I thought it was cool, so I kept watering it.

Yesterday, I went in to take a picture of the moss so I could see it more clearly

When I was all close and personal with the soil, I saw something else:

Begonia leaves! One of the begonias survived and is starting to grow again. I’m excited, but also a little confused. I have other begonias that have been growing strong this whole time. Are there certain varieties of begonia that go dormant?

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  1. Lauren says:

    Huh. That’s a helluva thing. Time to call in the plant detectives!

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