Place from the Past

My Uncle Paul sent me this picture today:

Awww… It’s the Crackpot restaurant in Baltimore! I loved going there. It’s a little neighborhood restaurant that has really good seafood, including delicious crab cakes. Paul and Linda had the giant crab cake – “The Pounder Plus”. They couldn’t finish it.

I should go back there sometime. Anybody want to join me?

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  1. Lauren says:

    Is that the place that had the wooden chairs with arms? Captain’s chairs? I only remember that because those are the chairs we had in our kitchen growing up.

    Oh, Maryland. Your paper grocery bags of cooked crabs from a closest-sized ‘restaurant (not this one) were one of the weirdest yet most interesting things ever.

    I’ll meet you there this weekend.

  2. Elaine Royuk says:


  3. Carol says:

    You know I’m always “in” when steamed crabs are involved!

    And, to summarize replies to other posts of yours (I’ve lost my daily blog-reading discipline, as you can tell):
    * Yea on finding a good condo in your price range with barely any moving involved either! Yea for patient realtors, too!
    *With Lent coming, it’s probably good you’re out of junk food at home, eh? Although, as I recall, your Lenten journey is less about giving things up than about trying new/better/healthy things. So…yea…good thing about the low junk in the cupboards anyway.
    *Great approach Christian – comparing real estate purchases to long plane rides…particularly when your teacher enjoys the latter so much (ahem). Glad you saw the humor and guffawed.

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