A Bunch of Stuff

This morning I will be leaving early for a trip to Oahu with our school band. They’re going to do a concert in conjunction with the Lutheran schools there. It should be really fun, but the timing… whew!

Yesterday after school, I stopped at the airport to get the boarding passes for our trip, because the kids are arriving at the airport at 5am, and I wanted to have everything ready for them. The boarding passes weren’t printed. Ack! They told me to get them this morning, which I will, but all the kids will already be there, so it’ll be a little chaotic.

So off I went to my apartment, but not to pack… I first had to do some paperwork.

For my condo mortgage stuff to go forward, they’ve asked for money stuff. For a LOT of money stuff. I got the email on Tuesday, and yesterday I was getting a second email marked “urgent” that I should send those items NOW. Ack! I could lay my hands on all that stuff, but it would take a long time. Plus, it’s money stuff, and working with money stuff drains the life out of me. i was done by 7:30, though, so that was good. Except my bed time is 8.

I packed quickly and went to bed. This weekend is going to be tiring. We get back Sunday night at 7:40. Yikes! That’s almost my bed time!

The dreaded List

The dreaded List

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  1. Lauren says:

    Good grief! I got panicky by the middle of your post! Just a tiny amount of stress, yes? I pray that the boarding passes are ready to go and that this ‘little’ trip is as stress-free as possible. Whew!

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