Potential Savings

I get my groceries from Safeway. They’re having a promotion right now where they give you Monopoly pieces and you can collect sets. If you get the right pieces, you can win prizes.

They ask you when you’re checking out if you want the pieces. I wasn’t going to play the game at all, but I opened one, and it had a coupon for my brand of paper towels.

Since then, I’ve always asked for the game pieces when I check out. And I’ve put them in a big pile on the table and left them there:

Maybe I can look at them over the weekend...

Maybe I can look at them over the weekend…

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2 Responses to Potential Savings

  1. Lauren says:

    It’s like the McDonald’s of grocery stores! I would imagine that $250,000,000 could purchase a nice little bungalow in Maui. 😉

  2. Debbie Foelber says:

    I also shop at Safeway sometimes. Some of the coupons are for free items. I’ve gotten free bagels, donuts and hot dog rolls so far. Have fun! Maybe you’ll win a boat!

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