Drive Through

While running some errands yesterday, I saw an interesting sight: a man going through the pharmacy drive-through on a bicycle.

Heh. I wonder why he didn’t just go on in to the store. Maybe the drive through customers get priority, so it’s faster? Maybe the line inside tends to be longer?

I did just have my own incident at McDonald’s. I stopped by to grab a breakfast sandwich, and the drive-through line looked long. I decided to go inside, but looked first at the car I would be behind if I would have stayed outside. That car was long gone before I got back outside.

Lesson learned. Maybe that man had a similar experience.

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  1. Lauren says:

    That is hilarious. Maybe he forgot his bike lock and it was safer to just stay with his bike? Regardless, that is an awesome photo! Now I want a bike so I can freak out the drive-through people.

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