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Welcome Walking

I’ve been trying to walk on the beach more. It’s hard on weekdays after school, because I’m tired, and sometimes because I get home after dark.

But I’m on vacation now, and I have a visitor, so it was easier to go walking yesterday afternoon. As a bonus, we were able to see the sunset. Yay!

While we were sitting and watching the sun, I noticed our feet. I always wear shoes and socks on the beach. I know it’s kind of weird, but I don’t like the sand on my feet, because I don’t want to shower when I get home.

Denis did a time lapse video of the sunset. It was super-cool. I tried to upload it, but it won’t load as an embedded video. It only loads as a downloadable file. HERE it is if you are curious.

I love the time lapse! I have got to do some of them myself.


  1. Lauren

    That video is spectacular! I love that the sand is immobile while everything is so busy around it. Well done, Denis!

    I am so glad you are getting some relaxing time!

  2. Peggy

    Ahhhhhh!!!!!! Weren’t you terrified of the giant tarantula … caught in the filming in the right lower corner?!?

    Beautiful beach & sunset!

    • Brad

      Hehehe… I was trying to keep my hairy leg out of the picture, but I was afraid if I shifted over too much, the camera would fall over, because it was on the sand right next to me.

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