Haleakala and Hula

Yesterday was a fun, full day.

In the morning, we drove to the top of Haleakala. On the way up, we stopped at the Lavender Farm, where we had delicious baked goods. Also, I used the portable toilet facilities there. It was perhaps the most beautiful portable toilet setting I have ever encountered. The sun was streaming down from beautiful tall trees. It was magical.

It was mostly clear, but there were a few clouds. It’s nice when there are clouds, because then you can really tell how high up you are.

We stopped at a scenic viewpoint on the way back down, and there was a spot where the parking lot just dropped off and left a view of the sky. We got a great shot of Denis there:

In the evening, we went to a luau. It was fun, and full of delicious food. We shared our table with a little girl who represented our table, Table Thirty-one, in the hula lesson. She’s in the purple and white dress.

The evening’s entertainment was great! Here are the men dancing:

Here are the women dancing:

Here is the fire-dancing part of the evening:

After that guy had held up his phone a bunch of times and I hadn’t said anything, I felt like my moment had passed or something. Then I felt stupid for not saying anything. He didn’t hold it up for every dance, so that was good I guess…

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2 Responses to Haleakala and Hula

  1. Lauren says:

    Ha! I am so sorry about Phone Guy, but those are some pretty hilarious photos you have. People can be quite thoughtless.

    That photo of Denis if off-the-charts cool! That blue sky is just begging for an organic energy drink logo or something.

    Have another wonderful day!

  2. Deborah says:

    Love that picture of Denis. Now I need to go there to replicate it. Of course, I need to work on my vertical leaping skills.

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