Unfamiliar Fruit

Today was unintentionally a day of fruit tasting.

In the morning, we went to Ho’okipa, which has surfing, but also is a sunning area for turtles. There are five turtles in the picture below:

After seeing the turtles, we stopped at the fruit stand there and got coconuts to drink:

Marjorie also got several other fruits that she recognized from when she grew up in the Phillipines. When we got home in the afternoon, she got them all out and let me taste them.

I recorded my impressions of each fruit for my memory archive.


Chikoo – Also known as sapodilla. Soft, sweet, and almost spicy flavor. Reminded me of pumpkin pie.


Atis – Also known as cherimoya. Juicy, fruity, and sweet. Reminded me of pineapple, but not acidic. Tasted like fruit punch.


Star apple – Also known as star apple. The fruit was very mild and smooth. Not a strong flavor, but light and sweet. The rind of the fruit has milk like a milkweed plant. It is VERY sticky. Marjorie was calling it “glue”. I got it on my lips. They were sticky for a while.

In the evening we went to a bar for happy hour drinks and appetizers, but we missed happy hour. D’oh! We ate there anyway. It has a beautiful view of the sunset.

On the way back home, we stopped at Fourth Friday in Kihei, a festival with food, vendors, and music. It was fun to walk the crowd.

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  1. Lauren says:

    I think it is remarkable that our world has such a variety of fruit. Who would have thought? Thanks for the good notes on those.

    What a great Friday!

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