Forty, but Good

My belt wore out, so I had to get a new one. I was looking in Ross, and found a belt that, instead of holes, has kind of a ratchet system so you can do small adjustments to the belt. I like it, because if you eat too much, you can just let it out a little, instead of going a whole notch bigger.

I grabbed a size 36, which is what size shorts I buy. It was too small. 38? Still too small. 40? Just right. What? Do belts go by different numbers than pants do? I have some size 38 shorts, and they won’t even stay up.

Nice price!

Nice price!

In spite of the weirdness of using a size 40, I really like the belt. It fits just right.

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2 Responses to Forty, but Good

  1. Lauren says:

    It gives me some comfort that men’s clothes are not as magical as I thought. Women’s clothes are all over the place – I have no idea what the sizes are.

  2. Carol says:

    Well, we can rule out 40 cm – that would give you a 15 3/4″ waist. What base system would they have needed to use to make this work out??

    …but I’m with Lauren on how clothing is labeled these days. It’s, as we say in the vernacular, a crap shoot some times.

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