A Guppy Story

Ever since I set it up, the aquarium in my classroom has included guppies. I got yellow ‘cobra’ guppies. They were spectacular. And little by little, they have died off. It may have been a water quality thing. Or it may have been that I had lots of males, and few females. That could have caused the males to fight and kill each other.

I periodically look for yellow guppies to boost my population. I see yellows every once in a while, but no more cobra-style guppies. I’m disappointed about that.

A few months ago, I bought two females, one of whom gave birth and had one female baby survive, then she died. So I was down to two females, and one male. Then on Thursday, I bought three more yellow females. I now have five females and one male. That seems like a good balance.

The problem now is my loaches. They did a great job getting rid of all the snails in my tank. But now they’re getting bigger, and a little aggressive. I think that any baby guppies that are born will just be loach food. I wonder if my local pet store would accept them…

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  1. Lauren says:

    You have a terrifying hobby.

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