Getting Ready

The closing date for my condo purchase is the 17th. That’s coming really quickly. Even though it’s just a move down the driveway, I still need to organize things a little. The area in the worst shape was the storage closet by my kitchen. It has kind of became a catch-all for anything I didn’t know what to do with. And it was junky.

But yesterday I got it cleaned up and packed up. I threw a bunch of stuff away, and the stuff that was left is in boxes, or is too big for boxes and is ready to be carried out.

The three boxes are: Decorations, fun stuff, and hardware.

The three boxes are: Decorations, fun stuff, and hardware.

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2 Responses to Getting Ready

  1. Lauren says:

    Woo-hoo! How exciting! Are you going to just move stuff little by littl or do you have some people coming to help? Woo-hoo!

    • Brad says:

      I think little by little, because having a bunch of people come over means I’d have to have everything ready to go, and I definitely don’t have everything ready to go.

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