Slaying a Small Task

It’s hard to decide when to do what in the new condo. I have plans to do big things like paint the whole place or replace the bathroom vanity, but I also have plans to do lots of smaller things, like get some new bath towels or hang pictures.

Yesterday I decided to do a smaller thing – I hung Glamdring on my living room wall. It’s been in a box since I moved here (except for being an object lesson for chapel).

I’m glad to have it on display. I really like it. It’s by the tv, so I’ll see it a lot. I like that too.

Ignore that pile of things. They came out of their boxes and haven't found their rightful places yet.

Ignore that pile of things. They came out of their boxes and haven’t found their rightful places yet.

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2 Responses to Slaying a Small Task

  1. Lauren says:

    Quite nice! You’ve got a lovely little vignette going on there. Nice composition.

    So, did the previous owners hang a surfboard over the door? A bike? What’s that hook for?

    • Brad says:

      I’m not sure what used to hang there. There are matching hooks ten and twelve feet farther down the wall. Maybe they were for paddles? I don’t think it was surfboards. The hooks aren’t wide enough.

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