School… Condo… Go!

Yesterday I finished with school stuff. Or at least with the stuff I had to do before leaving. My desk is so clean! It hasn’t looked like this since… last summer?

The rest of the day I was at my condo trying to straighten it up a little. I’m going to have some house guests while I’m in Nebraska, so I want my place to look nice.

I leave Maui tonight. I’ll fly overnight to LA, where I’ll have a stop over before continuing on to Nebraska.

My flight info, for those playing along at home:
United #1110
Depart Kahului 9:50pm
Arrive LA 6:02am (Sunday)

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  1. Lauren says:

    Your room looks amazing! It looks like the desk of an intimidating businessman. I’d be nervous to ask for a loan from you.

    Have a safe flight!

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