Ron’s Red

Yesterday was my dad’s birthday. We celebrated by gathering on Harold and Beth’s deck for a “Ron’s Red”. It was his signature cocktail. It’s beer, bloody mary mix, and olives. It really is quite tasty.

I was enjoying the outside time. There are birds here that I never hear in Maui. It was also fun to watch the cats as they luxuriated in the grass. Smoky was looking so majestic.

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2 Responses to Ron’s Red

  1. Lauren says:

    To Ron and his delicious drink! What a great way to celebrate his birthday. <3

  2. Carol says:

    You lost me at “olives”, but other than that – looks like a robust way to salute a wonderful man. Glad you retained that tradition, Royuks all!

    –she whose joints would no longer enable her to arise from the deck once she’d gotten down there for that salute. 🙁

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