Odd Lunch, Odd Ride

My flights yesterday were pretty good. A little bumpy, but not too bad. That didn’t keep me from being nervous, but at least I didn’t make any guttural noises.

My layover was in Denver. I was hungry, but didn’t want to give myself an acid stomach. One of the gift shops had hard boiled eggs. Perfect!

When I got to LA, Denis couldn’t meet me at the airport. He had parked nearby, and his car wouldn’t start. He had roadside assistance, so he called for a tow. I got to his car in an airport shuttle. He was right next to a hotel.

After getting the car strapped in, towed, and parked in front of a repair shop, the tow truck guy tried jumper cables. The car started right up. Ack! All that hassle, and it was just a bad battery.

It was ok though. All’s well that ends well. And while we were waiting for the car to get loaded on the tow truck, I could smell home honeysuckle growing by the sidewalk.

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  1. Lauren says:

    I am so glad you arrived safely, but I’m glad Denis’ car wasn’t a huge deal. What a fun time ahead of you! (…….that I am about to read about.) 🙂

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