Choosing Blues

When I get back to Maui, I plan to do some bathroom renovations. When those are done, I’ll change some of the decorations. I’d like to add blue to the room. I like blue bathrooms.

I’ve been hunting for a blue shower curtain liner. On Saturday, I found one at Marshall’s. It was a lighter blue than I wanted, but it would do. Then yesterday, I saw the blue I was looking for at Bed Bath and Beyond. Now I have two different blues to choose from.

I fly back today. My flight info:
United #417
Depart LA 9:25am
Arrive Kahului 12:09pm

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2 Responses to Choosing Blues

  1. Lauren says:

    How nice to have options. Now you can switch them out with the seasons! 😀

    I am praying for an easy flight for you today. Let us know your info, ok?

  2. Debbie says:

    Our front bathroom is blue… light, sky blue. Yay for blue bathrooms! I’ve been looking for another shower curtain myself, would be nice to have two.

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