Outside Inside

I have arranged to have my lanai floor replaced. It’s a bigger job than I’m willing to take on right now, so I’m paying someone to do it.

The contractor said he would start yesterday, so I cleaned all the plants and chairs out of the way. After I got everything inside, I saw my resident lanai gecko run under my tv stand. I think it’s an inside gecko now.

Here’s a picture of it from a few days ago, when it was still an outside gecko:

The contractor didn’t end up coming. He had a pipe burst in a different unit, so he had to deal with that yesterday. It’s a big enough problem he asked for a delay til next Monday. I’m in no big hurry, so I said I’d see him then. I think I might need to take my plants back outside again though…

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2 Responses to Outside Inside

  1. Lauren says:

    So….. Gus has a new friend, eh? They probably watch t.v. and drink your booze together while you’re at work. Those lazy guys.

  2. Debbie says:

    He’s cute and colorful! You should make him a little apartment in your living room! As Lauren said, they can hang out and have happy hour all day!

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