A Dark Wait

To prepare for my lanai being worked on, I brought all my plants inside. I could have put them on the balcony by my front door, but I thought they might be in the way if the contractors wanted to bring things in or out.

I put some of the smaller plants in my living room, but all the big plants are in my spare bedroom.

Now that the contractor won’t start until a week later, I think I need to move the plants back out again. Besides the dark wait until this Monday for the work to start, they will wait until the work finishes… that could be several more days. I think they need their sun.

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4 Responses to A Dark Wait

  1. Lauren says:

    Poor little plants. Opening that curtain probably won’t help, huh? Yeah, give them some sun. Could they follow you to school one day or is that against the rule?

  2. Debbie says:

    Gosh, are the contractors too busy for you? Tell them your plants are needy and get sungry and don’t want to wait! (Then it’s not you) ???

  3. Debbie says:

    I put cute little icons at the end but they didn’t show….i don’t have that many questions… carry on!

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