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When I ordered the new switch for my dryer, Amazon suggested something else at the bottom of the page – a new lint trap.

The lint trap is inside the back of the dryer.

Its the thing with finger holes.

Its the thing with finger holes.

My old lint trap was kind of beat up, and came open too easily. I decided I would get a new one. It was a good decision. The new one is sturdy and snaps into place firmly. I like it.

They really are identical.

They really are identical.

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4 Responses to Suggested Purchase

  1. Lauren says:

    What an interesting design. Does the lint collect on the outside of that trap? How do you clean it?

    Also, (Amazon is listening. I am afraid.)

    • Brad says:

      It collects on the inside. The lint goes through the white part and collects on the screeen. You separate the pieces to get the lint off the screen.

  2. Michele says:

    The back of the dryer?! How inconvenient for vertically challenged people!
    I agree with Lauren. It’s creepy how they know me ?

  3. Debbie says:

    Yeah people, i can barely reach my clothes in the back to retrieve them without doing yoga upside down? Does amazon know i’m 5’tall? Shhhhh… yes tho, interesting design and cool shape, they should call it the ameba style lint trap. And good for you brad to be so updaty!

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