Foam Rolling

I am still seeing a personal trainer. It’s really helped me stay active. I love just the fact that I have appointments to keep, and someone telling me to keep moving, but she is also very knowledgeable.

Along with my exercise, she has been telling me I need to keep stretching so my back won’t hurt as much. The simple assignment she’s given me is to put a roller under my back and to roll back and forth on it.

It’s easy to do, but hard to remember. I keep it out in front of my TV, but even so, it doesn’t always work out. I often remember while I’m eating or right before I’m going somewhere. Shoot. I hope it gets better.

Its the blue thing.
It’s the blue thing.
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3 Responses to Foam Rolling

  1. Lauren says:

    How do you use it? Just lie down on it and roll on it? I have that giant red roller in the basement – would she recommend that for me?

    I’m in awe that you do the personal training. Your stick-to-itness is inspiring!

    • Brad says:

      Yes, it is just lying down on it and rolling. She does recommend rolling certain specific areas. One of the spots is my gluteus minimus. I’ve heard of the maximus a lot, but not so much the minimus…

  2. Debbie says:

    Mark has one of those and it IS helpful for back trouble! I’ve rolled on it when I’ve tweeked my back, usually doing something i shouldn’t, and it prevents those “lock up” periods when you walk like a duck and have temporary turrets syndrome when you have to bend down or sit. “Schedule” yourself to do it right when you get home from school! Will relax you from your day and a good way to start your evening. Rolly yoga!

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