Into the City

We left Iday’s Resort yesterday morning and went back to her house to get some things.

When we headed back out again, we stopped at various places to do some errands. One of the places was the local version of a membership warehouse store. It is called S&R. I laughed when we walked inside, because it was in every way like a Costco or Sam’s Club, even down to the smell.

Iday did want to show me a tourist thing – she took us to the Basilica del Santo Niño.

Magellan spent time on Cebu when he was here. He is said to have planted a cross that still stands to this day. It has since been encased in a protective covering, but it’s still there.

Magellan also had a Santo Niño statue (a statue of little boy Jesus) that he gave to the people of Cebu. It is on display in the basilica.

There were a lot of people there because mass was about to start. Seeing all the singing and praying people was moving.

After that, we headed to downtown Cebu City. It has wider roads and traffic lights at the intersections. Riding in a car there is less terrifying.

We stayed at an Air B&B condo there last night. It’s in a high-rise building. We’re on the 27th floor.

Here is the view from the window. I think the wide angle scene of city and ocean will be gone once the construction is finished.

There is a mall one block away. We went there to get a transformer to change the 220 volt outlets to 110 volts. My phone hasn’t been charging well with the transformer we’ve been using.

There was a True Value hardware store in the mall. The guys there said the voltage doesn’t matter and that most electronic gadgets can handle either. They said it was right on the charging cable of most gadgets. Sure enough – it was. Today I Learned…

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  1. Lauren says:

    A Tru Value hardware store? In the middle of paradise and the stuff Magellan KonMaried off his ship? That is crazy!

    I am just in awe of how many wonderful things are happening each day. I’m glad you are recording it here. If it were me, I’d forget so much awesomeness!

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