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Yesterday morning we took another ferry boat. This time, we were headed to Leyte, the island where Denis grew up.

Two of Denis’ friends from the night before were on the boat with us. We sat across the aisle from them, but didn’t talk much because they were too far away. When we arrived on Leyte, another classmate of Denis picked us up and drove us to the place we were staying.

It’s a small hotel right on the beach. The inside is clean and air conditioned.

Out the back door is the ocean! So cool!

The hotel is on the campus of Visayas State University, Denis’ alma mater. Denis’ classmate drove us around the campus. It’s large and so beautiful

After our driving tour, we went into Baybay city, where Denis is from. We stopped at his brother’s house, but he wasn’t home, so we walked to his aunt’s house.

His aunt lives with her children and grandchildren. They were all waiting for us at the end of the road. The family reunion was happy and loud, and I didn’t understand much of what anyone was saying. And of course they fed us. 🙂 We had our fourth lechon. It was delicious. But I must make a note of the dessert we had. It was called binigmit, and it was amazing!

From there, we headed to the house of another former classmate of Denis. It was the fifth anniversary of her death, and her family was holding a novina at their house. I didn’t understand much of the service, but the part afterward felt very familiar. Many old classmates of Denis were there, and everyone ate and chatted and ate some more.

Then they brought out the beer and more food. It was a great celebration.

Today we plan to do more reunionizing and socializing. I’m really looking forward to it. I have LOVED all the people-watching I’m getting to do. Because I only speak English, I’m quiet, and they forget I’m there, and I just watch and listen. It’s so fun!


  1. Lauren

    Wow! Each day there is more and more amazing stuff going on!

    I am sorry about Denis’ classmate, but how sweet that they got together for a remembrance. I’m so interested that we get see all of Denis’ hometown life!

    That hotel is fascinating to me. Twin beds with minimal bedding because it’s hot? Brilliant!

  2. Debbie

    Wow at all your traveling on your trip! You’ll have to go home to rest! How neat to go so many places and see so many things and people! They forget you’re there……lol. i agree, watching people is the best! Love your posts!

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