Cebu City

Yesterday morning was a sleep-in-ish kind of morning. I still woke up early. I think I’m still not adjusted to this time zone. The clock is six hours earlier than Hawaii, but the date is one day later.

Anyway, once we got ready, we headed out to meet Efren. He is Denis’ friend’s son’s friend. He is also a realtor. Several of Denis’ friends have been telling him he should invest in a condo here. Yesterday he checked a couple of the condos out. One interesting one is in a building that will look like the Flat Iron Building in New York. It’s just a hole in the ground now, but they did have a model.

At a different place, the person showing us around wanted to give us an idea of the view. Her building wasn’t built yet either, so she took us to the roof of the building we were meeting in. It was cool to see the city from that vantage point.

After we were done looking at condos, we went to lunch with Efren. It was a lechon place (roasted pork). Denis saw a specialty item on the menu and ordered it. It was called chicharron bulaklak, which means “pork rind flowers”. But instead of being pork skin, it’s pork intestines. It was good. It tasted like crispy pork.

We went shopping a little after that. There are malls here called “SM Mall”, and in those malls there is always a place called “The SM Store”. It’s kind of like Macy’s. We were in one of those, and I saw a Nebraska hat. Ha!

In the evening, we were back at the Air B&B condo, then to the mall next door, where we met Denis’ brother and his family for dinner.

We stopped after dinner to get a cell phone battery, because we’ll be taking some excursions today and tomorrow. The store was full of cute Asian-style products, so instead of a plain battery, I chose a teddy bear one.

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4 Responses to Cebu City

  1. Debbie says:

    Hmmmm, imaginary views and baby buildings? I would really have to ponder on all that. Ok, i just got over the corn in the icecream and then you eat pig guts that are called, of all things, a flower? Oh my…… you better find a cute monkey today…. or tomorrow? Whatever day you have there now. I guess your new battery pack counts as cute….. but not enough to wipe out the flower guts. Keep going! I’m still having fun!!

  2. Carol says:

    Ending with the teddy bear phone accessory ALMOST makes up for the picture of those crispy pig guts. Really. there’s brave and adventurous, then there’s … that.

    –she whose father, the butcher, used to bring home beef stomach (tripe) or brains to eat. The latter would be prepared as scrambled eggs. Not too awful, as i recall now…

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