Picturesque Last Day

Yesterday we went on a trip to the mountains. This time our driver was Jack, a friend of Denis’ niece.

Our first stop was a restaurant and zip line destination. The zip line was closed, but we had a breakfast treat and enjoyed amazing mountain views.

The whole place was just gorgeous, even down to the bathroom:

Our second stop was a garden. For a small admission fee, you can walk the gardens and admire the beauty. It was lovely. They grew a lot of dahlias.

On our way to the next stop, we were passing a lot of roadside stands that were selling cooked sweet corn. I was curious, so we stopped.

The corn was fresh and delicious, but Nebraska corn still beats it 🙂

Our next stop was another couple of gardens. These also had lots of flowers, but also a lot of hardscaping.

From watching the other people there, it became apparent that these gardens were all about taking selfies and staged pictures, so here are a few of me:

Here’s me peeking between two birds:

Here’s me in a giant Dutch wooden shoe:

Here’s me sitting on a big golden hand in the sky:

Here is why I look nervous in that picture – the big hand was at the top of some tall steps and I was worried I would fall:

But my favorite picture of the day, and perhaps of my whole trip, is the picture of me driving a tractor with Jesus standing in the background.

After that, it was time for lunch. We headed to a restaurant with a view. It was really cool. One whole wall was open to the outside, and looked out over Cebu City.

Actually, Cebu City proper was just out of view behind a mountain, be we could see Mandaue, which is part of the metropolitan area.

Our last stop for the day was called The Temple of Leah. When Leah died, her husband (who had a lot of money) built a monument in her honor. It really is quite spectacular.

Inside, there is a huge statue of Leah:

Also inside the building, he put all the stuff she collected over the years. It seemed a little strange that the windows were open to wind and water and dust, but it did make everything look old.

My posts are catching up with me today. I’m already in the air over the Pacific. I’m scheduled to land in LA at 4:20pm LA time.

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2 Responses to Picturesque Last Day

  1. Debbie says:

    Wow wow wow at the gardens and what awesome pics of you in the garden art! The coolest! It’s like you’re on another planet? You’re gonna have to take another vacation at home just to catch up on what day and time it is and rest! Thank you soo much for sharing your trip! What a treasure travel for you!

  2. Lauren says:

    I need more time to fully digest the amazingness of these photos, especially the one where you’re mowing Jesus’ lawn.

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