We traveled all day yesterday. It’s confusing to talk about times because of the time (and date) difference, but it was a two hour flight, followed by a four hour layover, followed by a twelve hour flight.

As we waited for our plane to leave the Cebu airport, we saw a mural with a goodbye message. Aww…

The layover at the Taiwan airport gave us lots of time to explore. Mostly we were looking for water. There are water dispensing machines, but the “cold” button gives you warm water. An internet search told me that Chinese people don’t like cold water.

The Taiwan airport is beautiful. There were lots of things I could take pictures of, but I’ll only share a couple. First, I’ll share their orchid display. It was so colorful and peaceful.

The other thing I’ll shsre is the worship room area. It was decorated with architectural models. But the reason I had to take a picture was the sign over the Hindu worship room. I’ve heard that there is a Hindu symbol that resembles a backwards swastika, but I’ve never seen one in the wild, until now.

Before we flew, we got some lunch. The guy at the ramen restaurant could speak English very well. I was glad, because I can’t speak Chinese at all. Plus, we finally found some cold water!

After a long, but comfortable flight, we arrived in LA. As we waited for an Uber car, I took a picture. I’m back in the USA.

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  1. Lauren says:

    I love that you document all the cool things you see. It’s like a museum of wonder!

    Does that 102 mean degrees? That’s too warm for making bread dough, I think. What an odd dispenser.

    Welcome to the mainland! Your next exotic adventure will be coming up in a bit. We have a nice little island in the Pacific for you…..

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